About Emily Christina (… me).

I am:

a self-appointed C.S. Lewis protege

a work in progress

magnetically drawn to the ocean, internationally inclined, and permanently curious

a fan of mangoes, music, macadamia nuts, frisbee, Fresca, Legos, lightning, the color blue, Thai food, tree-houses, travel, adrenaline, Aslan, peppermint tea, hymns, windstorms, and bonfires

an enjoyer of the ocean, of snow-capped mountains, of diverse cultures, good books, insightful discussions, and genuine friends

cannot do without the vast outdoors, the shore, exercise, authentic connections, new ideas, and creativity.

desire to experience as many cultures as possible; to listen to, absorb, and retell as many raw and transformational stories as possible; and to see as many people as possible live in rapturous freedom.

and as the singular cause of it all, I am a beloved of Jesus Christ. His love composes my identity and compels me to love deeply and without distinction.


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