I wrote the following words 35,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean, en route from Los Angeles to South Korea two months ago. I’d like to share them here because something new and entirely course-altering has been happening inside of me these past several weeks, and these words were the foreshadowing of this current transformation. I can’t easily describe this revolution inside of me, except to say that the cobwebs of drowsy years are being swept from my eyes, and my spirit is coming awake with an electricity and sobriety I’ve never yet known.

I feel that for some time I’ve been standing on the lip of an enormous ledge overlooking the bluest, wildest, most desirable sea… and now – this very moment – I’ve finally jumped off the ledge.

Here are the words I wrote that January day – overcome with awareness that I was writing down the truest part of my own soul – on the back cover of my journal while 7 miles above the Pacific Ocean:

I know to whom I belong. I know what He says of Himself and of me. And frankly, I could care less what any other voice calls me. I am not my reputation, nor my exterior, nor my accomplishments, and I will not live any longer as if I am. I’d rather make what some would call a fool of myself by living with exorbitant trust in my Father – trust that many might find impractical, perhaps even irresponsible. I know no other reality. I’ve asked Him to make me a torch and set me on fire, and I expect Him to do just that. I cannot simply exist. I was made to tremble and dance with the flame and flood of the Living God. I am what I am, and body and soul I am His.


It’s happening. It’s real. And I’m pierced magnificently with the realization that I have sprinted clear through a point of no return.

May it be so for you too, friends.

This Jesus we love is requiring of us our breath, our essence, all that we possess and call our own, our very souls. To surrender all this is to dive headlong into Life and thunder and sea and sky and a Kingdom that has swallowed up death for all time. It means diving into the arms of the Living God.

Body and soul may you find yourself enfolded in those arms today.


Further up and further in.


A brief addendum: Have a listen to the following song, you might find it as stirring as I do:


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