The Grand Optimist.

God is the first Optimist.

God is the most radical Optimist.

And His optimism composes our reality.

Optimism is “the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world… and/or the belief that goodness pervades reality.” … Goodness with a capital G, which also begins the word Gospel, which is the most explosively concentrated dose of optimism our sphere of sod and ocean has ever (or will ever) see.

This revelation of God’s unbridled optimism has taken up all the space in my mind lately. It has spread itself out like warm sunshine over all my icy little fears or lingering insecurities.


Is He Holy? Yes. Is He flawlessly Righteous? Absolutely. Is He Omnipotent? Certainly.

But, friends, He is Happy too… He is Happy as happy should be… not frivolous or cheap happiness. Not happiness that lingers for a moment then steals away into shadows of the mundane.

No, He is Happy (capital H) with a Happiness that digs itself down deep in our spirits and tells us that  GLORY is what we were made to bask in, unbridled and free. His Happiness explodes across the horizon of our futures like a hurricane of Goodness that cannot, and will not ever, abate. His Happiness whispers into our quiet moments all the sweetness of His Presence and His yearning to be close.

He is deeply, passionately, incomprehensibly happy because He knows just how Goodit’s going to get…

… and how good it actually is for us right now.

What do I mean by that? I mean that God sees you as you actually are in this moment, and if you know Jesus, then your actual self is wholly victorious, spotless, un-condemnable, and filled to the full with the love and very Person of Christ. You aren’t your failures. You aren’t your weaknesses. You aren’t your worst mistakes or your mediocre moments. You aren’t even your finest feats (because even those aren’t ever quite enough). No, God has put to death the old, “never-good-enough” you and has raised up a new you whose DNA is the very DNA of Jesus Christ, strand for strand.

Death no longer has teeth in its bite. Sin’s leash has been severed. You stand justified and entirely clean before the Father, given full access to His favor (it’s your’s in FULL!), His riches in glory, and His most intimate Presence.

Sounds lavishly good, doesn’t it?

Optimism…   and Reality.

When it comes to God, the Grand Optimist, the two are one.


One response

  1. Nicolette

    Thank you my darling daughter!!! Your words were salve to my heart. Jeremiah 17:9 says that the heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick. I have seen that to be true these past days concerning my own heart. Thank you for such powerful HAPPY truth that I will pour into my heart and mind over the next minutes, hours and days. I can be happy, infinitely happy, because God is always fully happy. Amen to all your words. Inspiring, truly helpful. Love you!!

    March 16, 2012 at 4:47 pm

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