My friend.

I have a good friend — one whom I’ve known more than a dozen years — whose words are undiluted encouragement for me. Today is just the sort of day to share his thoughts.

I’m thankful, a thousand times over, for these excerpts from his world:

“I feel like I’ve only just now begun to understand the depth and passion of God’s love. Yesterday it flew through my life like a storm, breaking down the compartments of my heart and releasing both joy and grief. One of my teachers once said that, though we see through a glass darkly in this world, the truest perspective on it is God’s light shining through the prism of the Holy Spirit. It opens up the heart at its deepest points: literally, Jesus sets the captives in us free, the buried sorrow and the captive tenderness, the latent compassion and hidden joy.”

“One of the songs that has given me greatest comfort is “You are Faithful” sung by Kim Walker: when the song rises to its climax, she sings, “Your spirit inside me holds me close; in your wonderful presence I let go.” That’s when I think of the Holy Spirit blowing through a room of worshipers; this kind of worship feels like the eye of the storm, the quiet place at the center of the storm of God’s glory. One of the Psalms speaks of God arriving with dark clouds under his feet and lightning and hail and wind… but then Elijah hears God’s quiet voice only after all the flames and dust storms have passed… a tension between the immense passion of God’s love and the tender intimacy at its center.”

Such truth.


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