He’s the ocean.

I have an Australian pen-pal. Dani is my age, she’s insightful, and she knows how to write words that matter.

Her latest email contained a paragraph I had to re-read three times out of my sheer delight in it. Her words flawlessly articulated my sentiments. It’s so good, and so how my brain works, that I had to share it:

“I am learning that when He is silent, He is listening and not abandoning; and that His timing is actually perfect; and that I am very, very, very, very impatient and demanding. He is like the ocean to me, I am a little bit afraid of it, couldnt live without it, love to be near it or just hear it or smell it, but I cannot even try to control the tides or the waves. Each morning it looks different, but it is still the same. It never changes, it never goes away, but it looks different in different places and times and lights of day or night. It will completely consume you if you desire, or you can just stay on the beach and admire its beauty. I have always loved the ocean but the older I grew, and realized the dangers of it, it made me scared a bit more. But being away from it makes me claustrophobic and makes me feel like something is missing. I can breath and my shoulders relax after a hard day when I wander there and sit. All problems seem smaller when I’m at the sea. And thats how Christ feels to me.”

Extraordinarily well said, Dani.


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