A friend encouraged me to copy into a journal the “quotes” which I’ve lately been writing and sharing via Facebook. So I’ve decided to do so in an e-journal — this blog to be precise.

Here they are… the snippets that I’ve written as a way to express what the Holy Spirit is teaching me:


Allow Him to love you. Let down your defenses, and the love of Christ will be for you the sweetest and deepest fulfillment for which your heart has ached. He will not give up on you.


He loves His children. You are His child. Never doubt your acceptance, your belonging.


Will you look down, brooding over your weaknesses and faults? Will you look back at your past, strewn with failures? Or will you look up at the Living Christ? Every promise of God is answered for us in Christ with a thundering, “Yes!” In Him, our hope has no limits.


Do you believe what He says of you? He has forgiven you. Completely. No spot remains. Live as though you believe it. Live as one held in the embrace of Christ’s love.


He delights in you. His delight is like nothing you’ve ever known. It is the explosive joy that created the universe. And this He feels towards you. Do not turn away from Him, ashamed or resistant, because He will never stop pursuing you with this relentless delight.


Allow Him to teach you to laugh again, but allow Him also to use your tears in ways you could never have dreamed. No season ofsorrow or pain is ever wasted. If you find yourself weeping, take heart. Christ transforms tears into the deepest, surest joys. Dawn is coming for you.


The matter is settled. Will you go on living each day as if there is no Christ… no power, no grace, no redemption for you? Will you take up your faults and failures over and over again as if He does not exist? Or will you let the matter be settled for good: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.”


Because of Jesus, everything sad will one day come untrue. Every tear will be wiped away, every scar smoothed, every ache eased. The great shadow of pain, disappointment, imperfection, and sorrow that is now unshakable, will then depart for good, forever. Beloved of Christ, do not grow weary: He is coming for you.


This hard place in which you find yourself is not pointless; it is not a detour or a waste. Are you weary? Are you discouraged? Are you disappointed? Child of God, even if you cannot feel it in this moment, believe Him: you are His beloved, His favored one. He will move heaven and earth to respond to your cry. Choose today to define yourself by His love rather than your circumstances.


Who possesses your heart? You can be sure that it belongs to someone or something. Is it owned by another? You will be sorely disappointed. Is it owned by success? Failure will crush you. Is it owned by things? You will never have enough. Do you possess your own heart? You are a slave, chained to your pride. But is it Christ’s? Here alone is life. Never will your heart be more free, more full, than when it is entirely submitted to its true Beloved.


Wake up. Stand up. Lift your head. Today is full of hope and promise because Christ is in you. Whom shall you fear? The world cannot understand your identity: you are Christ’s. Dare to live that way.


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