Slow your breath down.

I began school yesterday: round 2 of college, or round 4 if you count the other two universities at which I was accepted and to which I was convince I’d go. I’m a goeduck (pronounced “goo-ee-duck”), but I’m not a greener (the colloquial term for the unshaven, ‘alternative-lifestyle’ undergrads at Evergreen State). And being a student once more means I’ll have to squeeze blog posts in between sessions of reading about “identity theory,” “agency and social structure,” “perceptual control theory,” and “structural symbolic interaction.”

Sociology. Yum.

So here are a few jots in my e-notebook…

1.  In my life Romans 8:6 is literally true… “For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.” If I want peace and an eagerly hopeful expectation for life, I must set my mind on the Spirit… ie. The Word of God (Ephesians 6 uses the terms “sword of the Spirit” and the “Word of God” synonymously). The alternative is that stale, fear-laced, insecurity-infested hopelessness that accompanies consistent fleshly input (too much Youtube, Facebook, secular ideology, films, magazines, etc.). The choice of where I will set my mind is paramount for me. Life or death will be the outcome.

2. Nostalgia is huge for me. I often long for certain bygone times in my life with wistful intensity. I’m slowly learning how to place this nostalgia in its proper light… The longing I have, that often leaves me wishing I could time travel, is misplaced if I attach it to past stages of my life. Because if I could time travel into my past, I’d find the same longing present there too, drawing me to some even earlier season of life…

This is reality: my nostalgia, if I’m aiming it backwards, is all turned around and will lead me on a chasing-after-the-wind sort of pursuit. That longing, whose fulfillment I too often attempt to locate in idealized moments in my past, ought really to be aimed square ahead, towards my future. I spend time wishing for the past, wanting to grab within it an elusive answer for my aching spirit. But the answer isn’t there. It’s straight ahead. It is still coming. It’s coming because I am a child of God, justified and redeemed by Christ, filled with the Spirit, and destined for glory upon glory. It is still coming. I think of the Dr. Seuss line, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” and I realize it’s a lovely positive sort of thought. But Christians have it even better. As children of God, we can say, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because the best is yet to come.”

3. This song below is infinitely dear to me – lyrics, sound, instruments, everything…


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