The feeling.

I’m going to write a story someday.

Preferably soon.

A long book-worthy story, I hope.

That’s the goal. The problem is that I’ve not yet written a story. I write essays; I write blog posts; I write little encouraging ‘things’ that generally remain under 1000 words.

So a story, a full-on multiple chapter story, seems daunting. To put it benignly.

But a friend of mine helped me climb out of my fear. He’s a writer whom I admire a great deal, and he informed me of a method of story-writing with which I can certainly connect.

He told me to start with a feeling, a central sort of emotion-laden mood that I can relate with deeply… a feeling that I can wrap myself up in. Then, once I’ve let myself get inside that feeling, I can begin to let a story grow organically out of that feeling. The story might even “write itself” since it’s anchored in this singular mood/feeling that I can so thoroughly experience for myself.

That might sound a bit abstract. But it makes concrete sense to me. That’s how I experience and absorb the world around me: in cinematic feelings that are three parts nostalgia, five parts longing, one part fragile detail, and two parts grand emotional strokes.

What can I say? I have an artistic brain. That’s just how I roll.

So I thought I’d use this post to begin to formulate the feeling that will be the soil from which my first story can grow. I have a skeleton of a story: some characters, some motives, some past details, some present plot logistics. But the thing needs its soul to be cultivated… its feeling. The story must sprout up out of its central mood.

And I need to feel that feeling for myself before I can write out of it… So here is a little snippet of media that captures some of the feeling from which I’d like my story to grow…



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